Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

For as long as I can remember the need to focus on school and the cultivation of a certain attitude was hailed out of the hill tops but has sadly only been embraced by a few in the trenches.

Today, it’s all about Berita Bola Terbaru“cool” or”hip” It’s all about presenting the right”image”, about having the ability to impress girls or one’s peers.

Of course girls aren’t immune, they too are lured with”bribes” of good times and pregnancy! Nonetheless, it’s mainly our boys – that the future generation of Black men – who come in real and in some cases deadly danger. It may be an over statement to say that sports is regarded as a fresh sort of mental and physical captivity. But can it be? It’s probably true to mention as it’s of interest and correlated with stardom, this sports exerts a powerful effect on our youth and in some respects its sway is insidious.

No point scare-mongering right? After all it’s just a match. And can we really offload this sport thing onto the media moguls, sports magnates or style houses? Accepted, they really do have the power and the influence however aren’t we the ones who willingly purchase their products, their services and who allow ourselves to be properly used?

As successful as the networking is; as enchanting as the lure of immediate success through Nike trainers or an NBA or NFL contract may possibly appear, the truth is that almost all parents and kids aren’t swept up by the hype or fooled by the lies. In other words, the choice will be ours. And several of us have taken a stand contrary to the enticements of sport realizing that one Michael Jordan, or Venus or Serena Williams, or Tiger Woods will not yet an entire creation make.

The overwhelming bulk of young black men who rally to the call of their sports and fashion media are attracted either to basketball or football. Almost definitely these would be the”trendiest” sports along with the shameful presence is obvious. The few players that, either as a result of their performance or earnings (the two usually go together), turn it in the star leagues would be the new emblems of success and have been the role models of each young black male who fancies his opportunities and sees sports within a straightforward ticket from their ghetto, the classroom, or even the boring life ordered by those of his parents’ generation.

What I find worrying is the fashion in which the educational chances of most young black males are apparently being hijacked. Of course, those who make it in the professional rankings realize the value of a scholarship and also a college education. However, the stories of cooked angles and stars who can hardly read or write are far too real to discount as fantasy.

But, perhaps more important more than that, is the”easy believism” which could be paralyzing or otherwise infecting our community by our youngsters. Heythey say and believe it’s not necessary to work way too much. Don’t worry about school. You’ll find nothing wrong with practicing that jump shot all day at the park. Homework? What’s that?

Forget it, who needs grades any way? Only work on those Harlem Globetrotter skills, dip, dip, dribble, don’t pass, drink your milk and Oreo biscuits and think of jordan’s success. No problem. You are gonna make it!

And that my prayers are with you.

Get real.

And that is the situation; the cloud of unreality that has colored our believing and contradicted our eyesight. And, unless we awaken and so on, our collective blindness may consign our children to the career ghetto free of education, limited opportunities, to get a train going nowhere fast. And you never need to think too much about the usual passage-way out of here to drugs and the legal justice strategy.

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